Landscape/Lawn Care Maintenance Services and Snow Removal


• Ricker Lawn Services uses only sterile, locally produced mulch (insect and disease free)
• Assist client in selection of mulch material and quantity
• Deliver material
• Prepare mulch beds, including weed control
• Edge beds as required
• Spread mulch

Edging (Beds and tree circles)

Separates flower beds, shrub beds or groundcover area from lawn grass
• Helps keeps grass out of the planting bed
• Outlines specific area in the landscape
• Helps to contain mulch and prevent it washing off


• Prepare area for plantings
• Holes dug to proper depth for bulbs, flowers, shrubs, plants, trees, etc.
• Apply proper fertilizer
• Additional soil added as required
• Water

Rough and Finishing Grading

• Rough grading establishes the slope, soil composition, and drainage of the area.
     ◦ Existing trees, pools, walkways, driveways, etc. taken into consideration. 
     ◦ Not suitable for planting when complete.
• Finish grading determines the final appearance of the area and is a final step before planting begins.
• Hand raking will be done around homes, sidewalks, trees, existing beds, etc.. 

Soil and Seeding (New and existing lawns)

• Determine and correct any grading issues
• Topsoil delivered and spread as required
• Many varieties and qualities of grass seeds are available.
• Grass seed distributed evenly, fertilized, raked in and covered with seed cover for new lawns
• Hydo-seeding

Spring Clean-Up (See our fall clean-up too)

Begins in March or April, weather permitting.
We remove leaves, branches, and debris from lawns, beds, drives, walks, and patios.
We prune any broken or dead branches from ornamental trees and bushes.
We cut any perennials that have been left from the previous season.
Repair plow damage turf and plants.

Weed Control and Fertilizing

Early Spring Application – slow release granular fertilizer, and “DIMENSION” for crab and other unwanted grass plants.
Spring Application – liquid herbicide, for broadleaf weed control,
(dandelion, thistle, etc…) 
• Late Spring Application - Slow release granular fertilizer.
Summer Application – slow release granular fertilizer, with iron and manganese to improve root growth and disease resistance.
Early Fall Application – liquid herbicide, for broadleaf weed control, (dandelion, thistle, etc.)
Late Fall Winterizing – granular fertilizer, with high nitrogen to strengthen lawn and help prevent winter diseases, (snow molds, etc.).

Mowing and Trimming

All grass areas will be cut and trimmed to a height that will promote a healthy lawn (height may vary during the growing season depending on the weather and other conditions).

All debris, (paper, branches, etc.) will be removed while mowing.
Down spouts will be moved or lifted prior to mowing or trimming of the area.
Grass clippings will be blown off of walks, driveways, patios, tree circles, and beds when mowing and trimming is completed.
Mowing and trimming will begin in April, and end in November.
Frequency to be determined by weather conditions, lawn conditions, etc.

Ornamental Bed Maintenance

Roundup® nonselective herbicide will be used to control weeds and unwanted grasses in beds, around utilities, walk, and driveway cracks, and around areas that may get damaged by trimming.
Hand weeding will be done in areas where Roundup® can’t be used.
Inspection of all areas - customer will be notified of any plant diseases or lack of nutrients and be given recommendations for correction of same.

Sidewalk Edging

Will be done with a power edger.
All debris will be removed.

Fall Clean-up (Complements of Spring Clean-up)

• Usually done in November when most leaves are down.
Cleanup can be done progressively, as soon as the leaves begin to fall through the end of the season.
Cleanups will consist of removing leaves, branches, and debris from lawns, beds, drives, walks, and patios.
• Shrubs, bushes, and hedges will be cut to their specific needs.

Snow Removal

...and many more services are offered!